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  • Surfing

    The location of Viganj and Kučište on the coast at the narrowest part of the Pelješac canal and at the foot of a hill contributes to the development of a west mistral wind that blows a lot faster than is usual on the Adriatic, so Viganj and Kučište have become top surfing destinations for all professional and recreational surfers and kiters.

  • Mountaineering

    Mountain paths to St. Ilija are marked by standard markings. 3 routes are marked as shown on our map.

  • Cycling and walking
    Cycling and walking

    Is there a better way of exercising and relaxing at the same time? Walking paths have been marked within the entire area of the Orebić municipality.

  • Camping

    Accessible from every corner of Europe with only a few hours drive,especially with the recent additions to its modern highway system, or with just an airline flight of an hour or two, the Croatian coast and Peljesac coast really is your closest vacation destination in the European Mediterranean.

  • Stress relief
    Stress relief


    You like an active holiday? You love sailing and diving, and you prefer cycling to site-seeing tours? You love climbing mountains and reaching their peaks and you are no stranger to casting off from those peaks on the wings of a paraglider? In that case, Peljesac is the place for you.

  • Diving

    The developed relief of the underwater world that is around 50 metres deep in the north reaches to around 250m near Palagruža, and not far from Jabuka it reaches depths of around 1300m.

  • Beaches and active tourism
    Beaches and active tourism

    Clean and clear sea and various and diverse beaches are the places where we can all find our favourite part of the sea and mainland. A shallow sand and pebble beaches for families with children, romantic and hidden bays or cliffs, famous beaches with fun facilities and night adventures and sports programmes, windy bays and channels for windsurfers, tranquil bays and cliffs for the admirers of diving...

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